Everywhere you look in Lucca is a view or angle that has been witnessed for thousands of years. Through your eyes and lens, you will make it your own.

The light in Lucca is a constant surprise. The stone alleys have a way of bending the sun, bouncing it off stone and glass from unexpected directions.
One rounds a shadowed corner smack into a tower ablaze with the red light of a setting sun.
The most amazing mineral water flows from public taps at selected spots around Lucca. The locals bring empty liter bottles to carry home this essence in their bicycle baskets.  It is delicious.

Bicycles are the heart of Lucca. Few cars roll around on the ancient stones.
Ride slowly, and watch the faces go by. There is even a wine bar/bike shop where over a vino rosso one can page through parts catalogues and scheme with the owner about how to build your perfect bike.
After a day of stone streets, take you bike to the top of the wall. As you ride the wide boulevard, witness the city below, the mountains in the distance, and the rows of trees on your sides cheering you on.

Life is short. Do your best work. Live the best life you can find even if it means giving up the familiar and the comfortable. Go through that door.