Each student will be invited to develop a body of work over the duration of the class that investigates Lucca, a city with a well-preserved medieval architecture and layers of history from different moments in history.
Lucca’s monuments, churches, palaces and roads, magnificent natural settings, even its very shape has a story to tell.  
The course begins by looking at the work of each student.
Class discussions include a critical analysis of the various elements that constitutes each student’s work – formal, social, political, emotional, or/and psychological.
During each class session, we work on image selection and sequencing along with organization of the story, with the goal of arriving at a subjective narration.

For every project, we research and evaluate the possibilities of different approaches and photographic languages. Students will be encouraged to experiment with their projects, whether documentary or conceptual, storytelling, photo essay, photo diary, metaphorical interpretation, etc.
We analyze the work of great photographers who have used a personal approach to the construction of stories that have expanded the boundaries of our understanding of the world and ourselves.